One Room Challenge - Week I

Hello everyone!

THIS IS IT! No hay vuelta para atrás - meaning there's no turn back on this project. One Room Challenge Linking Event is here and I decided to participate by transforming my bedroom! I have six weeks to make it happen, starting now. GO!! 

Actually, "transform" is a very big word as this room is basically a white canvas. If you follow Splendor (Welcome back!) you should know I recently moved into a new place, and have been trying to work little by little on giving it the atmosphere and personality we want. If you are new here, I'm very very excited to share this BIG challenge with you :) So here you have it, the most personal room in our apartment and one of the biggest challenges (!) Take a look at our master bedroom.

The most important things to consider are that a) It is very small (maybe half the size of our old one), and b) I need to fit a king size bed in it. (Nope, getting a smaller bed is not an option) So, I've already invested lots of time thinking where to position the bed and it gets tricky! There are OFF CENTER windows in two of the available walls and the third one is just too small to fit anything but the bed itself. To be honest, until now I haven't decided where exactly it's going to go... I know right? I'm so behind!!! :P haha!

On top of the bed situation, there are big tasks currently in my TO DO List. And to name a few, here are some crucial ones:

  • Get a bed frame - so we stop placing the box spring on the floor.
  • Put up some shades and stop wearing sleeping masks.
  • Get the hubby a proper nightstand.
  • Get light fixtures/lamps/whatever that serves that purpose. And nope, candles are not an option ha!
  • Get new bedding and art (I'm very excited about this one!)

This is what I would like to accomplish in here, and believe me I'm really going to try to make it happen. And, to keep dreaming about final results, here is an inspiration board I prepared with a mix of pictures of oh-so-welcoming bedrooms; fab art that I might try to replicate myself; and some gorgeous goodies that are currently in my shopping list! What do you think?? :)

Ok guys. This is a lot! So, I would really appreciate your comments and prayers haha! no seriously! I would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more bedroom craziness!! Each Thursday I will update my progress. Thanks so much for passing by. I couldn't do it without your support. You ROCK! xx.