Hi guys!

You know when you have so many things in your mind that you can't even start naming priorities. That's me now. I don't want to say I'm overwhelmed, I'm just full of ideas for styling and design projects that I would love to have more hours in a day. But hey, that's not an option. So, let's get real.

When I find myself in this type of situation - and believe me, that happens very often - the first thing I try doing is relax before even trying to get organized. Many people ask me how do I do it - staying calm and productive can be a big challenge - so I wanted to share some of my personal organization tips with you:

  • Wake up early - I know, everyone hates this one but the clock is not going to magically go slower for you. If you have to make the most out of your day, you better start early. If you are not an early bird, go to bed late at night. Whatever works for you, just stretch your productive hours a bit. Half an hour makes a huge difference.
  • Meditate - Give yourself a second to wake up and start the day. I love meditating in the mornings, while sipping my coffee. I sit down on a comfy chair, let my thoughts go through my mind, and try to start my day with a clear and calm mind. And most importantly, being thankful and happy for another day full of adventures. A positive mind can lead your projects to more positive results.
  • Do what you love - You like going for walks, do it. You like cooking, take the time to make it happen. I like styling things and I try to take a moment every day to do it. This is my escape. Exploring your creative side can actually improve your productivity. You'll see how well you respond after having fun :)  
  • Make the TO DO LIST - and revise it everyday. I got this advice from a dear friend of mine a while ago. It sounded so simple, but it's magic! List everything you need to do to accomplish that ultimate goal. Revise it everyday and you will soon be closer to it. Promise.
  • Treat yourself - Your body is a machine, treat it properly so it responds to your needs. Drink water, eat healthy, add chia to your smoothie - you get the picture. Walk to your meeting or to buy milk. Be kind to your body. And yes, get that eclair when you need it too.
  • Forgive yourself - for not being able to accomplish everything at once. Do your best and acknowledge it. Celebrate that you sent that email or made that phone call. Small steps can take a lot of effort sometimes. Be kind.

And remember... you are doing better than you think :)

Have a lovely and productive day today! xx.