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There is this kind of classic glamour that catches my eye every time. Wall trim, gold accents, rich textiles and black and white pieces are just perfect to me. I recently came across this gorgeous design by Megan Winters and can't stop looking at the oh-so-chic! pictures. Great inspiration for current and future projects.

Still, I'm not sure which part of it I love the most. The window treatments including all those picture frames, or the very obvious love for everything gold! Also, can I get monogrammed chairs too?! I ADORE THIS SPACE!! Hope you enjoy it too :) xx.


Hola de nuevo!

It's been a while since I last posted pictures of my master bedroom. This was definitely the first room in our home that I decided to work on - it's such a personal and important space! And it was definitely a challenge. The room itself is very small and there was no way we were giving up our king size bed. So, everything else was planned to accommodate it.

The narrow side tables and tall lamps help bringing the eye up; while the personal gallery wall balances the off-center window on the right of the bed. The room then feels like one cohesive space packed with similar colors and details, but most importantly it appears to be symmetrical. Tons of tricks in here! ;) 

As for the palette... you know me, I ADORE black and white. And even if this is not going to be a permanent decor, I love how my favorite combination works well everywhere at home.

TIP - The easiest way to change the look of a room is adding and changing pillows! These striped ones give the room some playful summery vibe.

The bedroom is so important to me. I like to find myself surrounded by favorite things when I wake up. (tweet this!) Looking at these pieces of art and touches of gold help me start the day in a good mood. It's a tiny space, and  even though we have no extra place to sit down, my ultra versatile stool doubles as a side table and everything holder. I move it around the house as needed! So, what do you think? :) I'm sure this room will continue changing, but I'm pretty happy with it's current look.

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Keep yourself inspired! xx.

INSPIRATION - Glam Black & White

All picture from Domaine Home


I've been thinking of making some changes in my living room lately. My black and white palette has been growing and expanding to neutrals and metallics (yes!). I'm loving exposed wood and the idea of incorporating a leather couch - I've been craving that one forever!

Looking for inspiration I run across this perfectly decorated apartment via Domaine Home and it's been making me think of black bold pieces. What do you think?! I'm also considering some wall decor and the black striped dining area is giving me some ideas! :) Don't you love black and white?

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