Don't mess with creatives. We are badass!

There's a lot of work behind any creative project. Believe me. When you do what you love, most people get the impression that what you do is easy, or that you can do it for free (I'm sure many of you can relate) Being an entrepreneur has taught me how important is to appreciate my work, my effort, my time and my creativity.

My friend Nikky Rich had the amazing idea of documenting some creative projects and show their huge value. And I was SO lucky to be part of it (Thanks, Nikky! <3) Here are some pictures of her fab work. Make sure to visit her page and see much more of her photos.

The One Room Challenge lasted 6 weeks, and believe me when I say it was INTENSE. From taking measurements to painting, to DIYing, to researching, to trying an idea and another one, and trying and trying again. When you follow your passion; when you enjoy what you do there's nothing that can stop you. You instantly become invincible. Creatives are BADASS!

These pictures were taken during 2 different sessions, and beautifully captured some of the progress. 

Not everything turned out as I wanted. Obviously. That's how everything is. But in the end, there was satisfaction and happiness for being able to make my ideas happen. I just can't stop creating, and when I grow up I want to turn fantasy rooms into reality; and surround people's lives with beauty. You want to talk chairs? or endlessly discuss the most fabulous lamps? I'm on it!

This is what keeps me going. This is what I LOVE doing!

Thanks so so much for your support and believing in me. It means everything to me.xx.