Color me happy! - Room to Rebloom, the REVEAL

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"You can't think of darkness in a place like this"

Our clients' reaction after the big reveal

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From time to time life gives you the opportunity to pause and see things with perspective. My love for design and beautiful interiors has to do with how I like feeling at home, and how I believe people should feel in their own homes.

Room to Rebloom is a non-profit organization that creates healing environments for survivors of domestic violence; and I had the privilege of working with them on the transformation of a one bedroom apartment for a very special client :)

When I met with our client for the first time she told me she wanted happy colors on the walls - a very big challenge for a neutral girl like me. Little did I know I was going to end up using the most beautiful shade of robin's egg blue to create a cheerful living room, and a cherry jubilee accent wall in the glam lady-like bedroom. The most important part of it all was being able to create a beautiful, livable environment for a woman celebrating new beginnings. 

This project reminded me again why I love interiors, and how important it is for all of us to support each other and spread a bit of joy, whenever possible.

I'm so thankful for this experience and for the amazing people that keep lifting my spirit with kindness. Thank YOU for always reading and for following my adventures. It means a lot! xx.


Women at work

We installed, we assembled, we made magic happen!

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Hi guys!

I am so so happy to finally share with you the results of a very meaningful project. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've been involved with Room to Rebloom, an organization that believes in the power of design to create healing home environments for survivors of domestic violence.

I was amazed by the amount of support I received when working for this cause. Friends and collaborators offered to help donating pieces and hands-on work time. It made me so happy and of course it made my work so much easier. As a designer, not only I wanted to help transforming the space, but also to give my client the possibility to be involved in a happy project and focus on fun decisions such as selecting paint colors. It was great. A lot of work, yes. but I think we helped decorating new beginnings :)

I have to thank my amazing friends who helped tremendously. Seriously, I couldn't have made it without you guys! Any for the wood shelf, and making sure it coordinated with the rest of the kid's room. Shannon for the fabulous art! It definitely helps bringing the room together. MJ, Lorine and Sadie for painting and painting and accompanying me until it was done! And Rose, a new lovely friend who was with me since the beginning giving me some tips and discussing IKEA options :) And, last but not least, the hubby who actually assembled every single piece in the space, fixed lamps and hanged mirrors. Thanks to all of you!

This is when you know you should keep pursuing your passion. Giving happiness through design is possible, and it's all worth it.

Thanks for reading and joining my journey! xx.


Sometimes you get the opportunity to get involved in an awesome project that makes you stop everything else and focus on a good cause. Room to Rebloom believes in the power of interior design to change lives - and most importantly - to empower women to start a new chapter in their lives.

I'm so lucky to be part of this initiative, and last weekend I rolled my sleeves up and together with awesome friends and volunteers we painted the last 2 units in one of House of Ruth's facilities. It was a LONG day. I love wall decor, but I'm definitely not an expert on painting walls. Luckily, with some help we got to give a fresh look to this unit which I'm redecorating.


It might not look like a lot, but it is. And, I'm very excited about how the whole place is coming together! With the help of generous sponsors and artists, I'll keep working on a new look that suits my client and her two beautiful kids. There will be #DIY and tons of color (this is new to me! jaja!) so stay tuned for more reveals :)

And don't forget to check my daily inspiration on Instagram! Would love to see you around there too. Thanks for passing by, love! Enjoy your weekend. xx.