I LOVE clean lines, open spaces and airy rooms; and to make that happen. Well, one has to be very organized and disciplined to keep everything in its place. Luckily, I'm one of these rare persons who find joy while organizing, cleaning and arranging stuff. Yup, I actually don't mind spending a whole afternoon re-organizing my closet, and making everything visually pleasing to the eye (don't judge me. there are dozens of us. dozens!).

Closet fever is back! Organizing closets has been on my mind for days now so, I offered to help some friends with their own. I will post some pictures of the process during the upcoming days; in the meanwhile I want to share these beautiful images of closet spaces with you.

Every pair of shoes deserves this:

A whole room for a closet? yes, please!


Mirrors and glass doors!

HIS closet!

Customized space.