You’ve got the style, you’ve got the clothes but sometimes it’s not that easy to put them together. Get inspired! Whenever I feel like my closet is getting a little bit boring I try to rearrange it. It’s a great exercise to remember all the great pieces that might be hidden somewhere in there!

I tried helping my friend Steph with her personal space last weekend. She has great style - as well as a beautiful wardrobe! We had so much fun going shopping for accessories and organizing her closet together. And, I think we got great results! Here are some pictures of it :)

Some before shots.

Maximize your space! Use containers, specialty hangers and organization accessories, like a shoe-rack.


Surround yourself with beautiful things and style your closet! Create an inspiration space only for you. This time, I used a vintage vogue cover, a mirror and this cute jewelry box. Do you have any favorite pieces yourself? Place them where you can enjoy them everyday!

And display your accessories. Scarfs, purses, and even shoes look beautiful if arranged properly, and it’s always good to have them handy. Make up? Use a simple container to keep them organized.

Give your space personal style, and enjoy getting ready for a new day! Do you have any tips for organizing your closet? Which style speaks to you the most? Share your ideas with us :)


Somehow January always brings me the need of starting a cleansing diet, busting my exercise routine and organizing the house! It’s the first month of the year, and I feel like I want to start in the right way. Do you feel the same?

Organizing closets can be a great way to maintain a clean and pretty room. Here are some before and after pictures I wanted to share with you, as well as the basic steps I always consider while organizing any closet in the house.

This time, I helped one of my best friends with her 14 year-old daughter’s space. Any teenager deserves to have an inspiring spot to discover herself and her personal style, right? :) I worked together with her to get a better idea of her particular routine and preferences (favorite blouses, volleyball calendar, etc.). It was such a fun project, and I think we got great results.


If you are thinking about re-organizing any of your closets or helping a friend with it, I would recommend to keep in mind these steps:

  1. Set the mood for some serious work. I’m not joking. Keep in mind that this process will take at least a couple of hours - depending on each case. So, play music, bring some wine, or whatever that will ease the cleaning phase, and help you keep going. 
  2. Ask for help. Call a friend, or a family member who can keep you company. Having someone to chat with when you are tired of seeing hangers all over your bedroom is a big plus. If you are lucky, you will have one of those rare friends - like me - who actually feels energized and inspired when organizing things :)  
  3. Completely empty your closet. No question. This has to be done in order to get good results. Clean and vacuum it, if needed. 
  4. Try it on. Yes, you have to take the time to try some clothes on. A good rule of thumb is: If you haven’t used it in a year, toss it. If if doesn’t fit, donate it.
  5. Toss and donate. Keep two big bags next to you when you are cleaning: one for clothes that you are donating, and one for trash. I’m always amazed by the amount of trash I find in my closet - and never understand how it gets there.
  6. Have fun organizing! This is the easiest part, so enjoy it! Place your favorite shirts or accessories in a privileged spot, so you can see them and use them often. Organize things by color, season or style. Remember you will start your day getting dressed. Make this your pretty space!

Ta-dah! Here’s the final result. Do you have any tips for closet organization? Share them with us! :) 


I LOVE clean lines, open spaces and airy rooms; and to make that happen. Well, one has to be very organized and disciplined to keep everything in its place. Luckily, I'm one of these rare persons who find joy while organizing, cleaning and arranging stuff. Yup, I actually don't mind spending a whole afternoon re-organizing my closet, and making everything visually pleasing to the eye (don't judge me. there are dozens of us. dozens!).

Closet fever is back! Organizing closets has been on my mind for days now so, I offered to help some friends with their own. I will post some pictures of the process during the upcoming days; in the meanwhile I want to share these beautiful images of closet spaces with you.

Every pair of shoes deserves this:

A whole room for a closet? yes, please!


Mirrors and glass doors!

HIS closet!

Customized space.