You’ve got the style, you’ve got the clothes but sometimes it’s not that easy to put them together. Get inspired! Whenever I feel like my closet is getting a little bit boring I try to rearrange it. It’s a great exercise to remember all the great pieces that might be hidden somewhere in there!

I tried helping my friend Steph with her personal space last weekend. She has great style - as well as a beautiful wardrobe! We had so much fun going shopping for accessories and organizing her closet together. And, I think we got great results! Here are some pictures of it :)

Some before shots.

Maximize your space! Use containers, specialty hangers and organization accessories, like a shoe-rack.


Surround yourself with beautiful things and style your closet! Create an inspiration space only for you. This time, I used a vintage vogue cover, a mirror and this cute jewelry box. Do you have any favorite pieces yourself? Place them where you can enjoy them everyday!

And display your accessories. Scarfs, purses, and even shoes look beautiful if arranged properly, and it’s always good to have them handy. Make up? Use a simple container to keep them organized.

Give your space personal style, and enjoy getting ready for a new day! Do you have any tips for organizing your closet? Which style speaks to you the most? Share your ideas with us :)