One Room Challenge - Week IV (OMG!!)

Hello there!

Welcome to my page! If this is your first time here you have to know that I'm immersed in the One Room Challenge craziness these days. What is it? Well, a bunch of fabulous designers and bloggers transforming one room in 6 short - ridiculously short!! - weeks. This is week 4 for my Chic Master Bedroom project, and OMG! it's been a hard week. You can see my previous posts and progress here, here and here.

So, here we go again... this week was full of ups and downs, endless hours of shopping, getting packages, trying new items, returning the items, getting them in a different color, trying them again - you know how it goes. At some point I was completely overwhelmed.

Forget it!

I'm not doing this anymore.

This is INSANE.

And then I remembered that I bought those amazing pillows that are still in the trunk of my car! And that the curtain rod still has to get installed! OH MAN!!! I kept going for the sake of beautiful pillows and curtains, I guess... 

Pillow + Basket - H&M Home

Rug + Faux Sheep Skin - World Market

I've been desperately looking for the perfect set of sheets and light fixtures. I almost picked up a vintage one I saw at a thrift store, but I decided to go a little bit more sober with a classic semi flush one. Black and white all over the place. I hope it looks as pretty when it gets installed! :) Right now I'm waiting and waiting for the mailman to knock on my door with this beauty.

The other big thing about the One Room Challenge is the amount of inspiration and cool ideas around. I really recommend checking on all participants. Seriously. They are such a bad influence! haha! I mean, every time I see one post I came up with another idea and cool project to include in my list. You see? This is the reason why I feel so behind!

Latest crazy idea: WALLPAPER!!! Can I make it happen in 2 weeks??? I really don't think so, but hey! I ordered some samples and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I think I'd go for the black one. It's so perfect! Check it out.

Lamp -

So, even if the wallpaper is not happening I will continue with my TO DO list which looks somehow like this:

  • Put up rods and curtains. Check if they actually look as good as I thought.
  • Decide on wallpaper / paint. Paint / place wallpaper!
  • Frame DIY art. Put it up.
  • Find the perfect sheets. Now.
  • Wait patiently for light fixture to arrive. Call the store to make sure it will get here on time. Be nice to customer service. Put light fixture up.
  • Finish gallery wall.
  • Think again about the full length mirror - the only thing I promise to the hubs and haven't gotten yet (!).

That! (phew!) I have to say though, it was SO MUCH FUN to open the brushes box and paint again. I forgot how much I loved it, and I'm definitely going to continue doing so :)

Thoughts?? What do you think of the wallpaper crazy idea?! Shall I do it?? 

Thanks so much for the support!! 

This has been an amazing experience :) If you want more details on my progress and challenges follow me on Instagram! Also, check for #oneroomchallenge. You won't believe the amaziness around it!