One Room Challenge - Week V (Almost there!)


That's right! If you don't know already, I'm participating in the One Room Challenge Linking Event transforming my master bedroom in 6 weeks! You can see my progress here!

This is the last week before the big reveal (!), and it was messy but productive. Actually, I still have so many things TO DO, that this is going to be a quick post :) 

I moved furniture (again) to make the room more efficient. It did help to have it placed in a certain spot for some time, and actually experience how comfortable it was. Dresser is moving, and mirror too. Leather chair went to my studio - it was too big for the space in the end.

The biggest accomplishment: curtains are up! I hesitated a lot about the color, length, fabric and actually placing a big one behind the bed. I tried that, but it just made the room shrink too much. I was also dying to place some dark wallpaper and decided to wait a bit. But hey! it's happening for sure in a couple of months! I'm so in love with the samples I got :)

To try to balance the off-center window I'm creating a gallery wall and trying to create some visual symmetry. See here:

Also, DIY projects keep happening!! I just can't stop! This is part of a bench makeover, which is going to look FAB! and I'm going (right now) to try to paint some pillow covers! Oh yes!

Still in my TO DO list:

- Dresser and nightstands styling.

- Finalize gallery wall.

- DIY pillow covers.

- Finalize DIY art.

- Install light fixtures (Thank you, baby for helping so much on this one!! and everything else <3)

- Full length mirror.

- New Bedding! :)

We are almost there! Photoshoot happens this weekend and I'm so super excited about it!! :) I've partnered with the talented Nikk Rich for it. Stay tuned!! And thanks again SO MUCH for the support. You all ROCK! xx.

One Room Challenge - Week III

Hi everyone!

It's Thursday again and it's time for some One Room Challenge update! To be honest, I didn't know I was going to be thinking of it 24/7. I didn't know I was capable of creating SO MANY projects for just one room in my house. It's been an amazing experience so far - exhausting, yes! - but oh so inspiring :) We are now in week 3 and I'm seriously calculating which things I can accomplish and which ones would have to wait a little longer.

Phew! So, here we go, this is what I accomplished this week. Take a look!

Oh yes! I have a bed!!! It was a scary week as I received my dream bed and it was a different color. I contacted One Kings Lane and they were amazing! They totally understood the situation and how a change of color on my headboard was going to compromise my whole project. After negotiating, I got a pretty decent discount I could't reject. And here it is! 

I paired it with small wooden nightstands I found at World Market and chic lamps in black from Wayfair to bring some masculine vibes to the room. The space is very small but this combo works perfectly! I'm thinking I will accessorize with gold (obviously) and natural colors and fabrics. 

Still trying to decide what to do with the off-centered window though...

I felt in love with this chair and place it in the only empty corner in the bedroom. The space is big enough to create a reading nook or chilling area as I like to call it :) For now, I'm using a white rug that was in my studio, and added this side table that I spray painted gold because, you know? why not?! The plant is just a representation of what I really want to accomplish, but to be honest, I've moved things from that corner like 10 times now. 

Oh yes! mirror is up! Yay! I'm loving how it looks and it makes me want to paint the whole wall in a dark color so badly! The dresser is lacking proper styling, but you get an idea of the space. And there's me, taking a picture of it all at 7:00am in the morning - without coffee. Unacceptable.

Alsooooo, I started another of my DIY projects for this room. I bought two of these flower prints to reuse their frames. I finally opened them carefully and removed the posters inside. Now is painting time! I hope it turns out as awesome as it looks in my head. 

So, that's it for week 3! And I'm really nervous about my TO DO list these days - which also keeps changing by the hour? haha! luckily it's written on pencil. Wish me luck guys! There are so many things I want to accomplish still, and I'm LOVING all your comments and likes and support! This is all truly amazing <3

Thanks so much for passing by! Love you all! xx!