BE BOLD! The BOLD Summit 2017


A main part of my business is to grow as a design professional. I always aim to give my clients the best service and the best products in the market. And just like if I would do it for myself, I spend a lot of time curating a unique and luxurious experience for all and each of them.

The BOLD Summit 2017 was an amazing opportunity for me to meet some of the best professionals in the industry - inspiring designers with unbelievable talent transforming this world into a more beautiful place. During this summit in Chicago, I got to learn more about how to provide my clients with a truly sophisticated experience.  I discussed branding with the sweet Barclay Butera, how to excel at presenting your ideas and create without limits with Jamie Drake, and everything about the magic beautiful touch of Pamela Babey, among many other designers who I admire. 

I left feeling empowered, inspired and ready to create, full of energy to give only the best to my clients. If you are in the interior design industry, I can't recommend this enough. It will take you far into your next levels. Here are some fun pictures of the event. xx.

Nina Magon and Joseph Haecker

Nina Magon and Joseph Haecker

New amazing friends!

New amazing friends!

Ivy presente!

Ivy presente!

Summer evening look - and luxury furniture just for you!


I love summer evenings.

The beautiful sunsets. The extra hours of light. Our home gets this incredible amber light during the summer that pairs beautifully with our bamboo floors and spreads everywhere due to the gold ceiling next to our bay windows.

When you live in a small space, you have to choose your pieces wisely - especially if you like luxury furniture like I do ;) I knew it was time to change the look of our living room a bit, mainly because we needed a better storage solution under the TV. When I found the perfect credenza - in black and gold, obviously - I had to get rid of the pair of white arm chairs we had in front of our bay windows. I really wanted to open that area a bit so we could get closer to the windows and enjoy the fab view. 

Luckily, I found this gorgeous swivel chair that feels like a big hug every time you sit in it. Believe me, it took me quite some time to find the perfect piece for this spot. What convinced me was the timeless look and its quality. I know she will stay with us for a long time! And that's the best investment you can make for your home.

Next time you think about replacing a piece you have at home, think about making a long-term investmentTrust me. There are plenty of places where you can get unique, top-quality pieces that will elevate the look of your home - I linked some of my favorites throughout this post because you deserve only the best ;) Now, if it ever gets too overwhelming to choose the perfect piece, just send me a note and I'll make all your decoration dreams come true - plus we'll toast with a glass of champagne when we are done. How does that sound?!

I really hope you are having a wonderful summer! Thanks so much for reading and following my adventures. You are the best! xx.

Color me happy! - Room to Rebloom, the REVEAL

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"You can't think of darkness in a place like this"

Our clients' reaction after the big reveal

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From time to time life gives you the opportunity to pause and see things with perspective. My love for design and beautiful interiors has to do with how I like feeling at home, and how I believe people should feel in their own homes.

Room to Rebloom is a non-profit organization that creates healing environments for survivors of domestic violence; and I had the privilege of working with them on the transformation of a one bedroom apartment for a very special client :)

When I met with our client for the first time she told me she wanted happy colors on the walls - a very big challenge for a neutral girl like me. Little did I know I was going to end up using the most beautiful shade of robin's egg blue to create a cheerful living room, and a cherry jubilee accent wall in the glam lady-like bedroom. The most important part of it all was being able to create a beautiful, livable environment for a woman celebrating new beginnings. 

This project reminded me again why I love interiors, and how important it is for all of us to support each other and spread a bit of joy, whenever possible.

I'm so thankful for this experience and for the amazing people that keep lifting my spirit with kindness. Thank YOU for always reading and for following my adventures. It means a lot! xx.


Women at work

We installed, we assembled, we made magic happen!

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